Mission, Vision, Purpose


    Healing the body of Christ so the body can minister to the world. 


  • Fall deeper and deeper in love with God as individuals and as a team.
  • Create a diverse team that is in unit and intimacy with each other and with God.
  • Create a hunger for healing within the church and within the community.
  • Seek God. Press in. Increase faith. Increase trust in God.
  • Increase knowledge about God's desire to heal us.
  • Understand and appropriately respond to interference from the enemy for the ministry and those for whom we pray. Discern the difference between spiritual attacks and weakness of the fles.
  • Provide healing to anyone in need.
  • See people come to faith through a healing experience.
  • Teach children to flow in the Holy Spirit and minister in the healing rooms.


     Our prayer center exists to meet your need so that you can meet the needs of others.